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This project was for Eurostar, Visit London and Paris. A combined effort to advertise to North American millennials that they can easily visit London and Paris with Eurostar. There were a number of deliverables to be shown in cinemas and on social media.

I worked closely with producers and another animator to produce this work. It is a high energy stock video montage with text overlaid on top, with three short and playful animated sections. These sections were a cut out collage of images and video, celebrating their respective cities (and Channel crossing trains).


I also adapted the full length cinema version into a series of smaller social media versions, this presented some challenges in adapting to different aspect ratios from film to mobile screens. In some cases we had to change clips of video that didn’t frame well, and the animations had to be remodelled entirely for them to work well.

I think it turned out to be a very compelling set of videos, having a sound designer create perfectly timed musical scores really added value to it. I especially enjoyed working with and learning from another animator on this project, and I look forward to the next opportunity.

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