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Typography Clips

Typography Clips

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A series of dynamic typography animations made for the College of Policing.


Working with recorded voice-over and brand guidelines, I created a series of short one to two minute animations using text and simple graphics. I planned the design and layout in Adobe Illustrator, and loosely planned the movement of the assets. When animating these I went for a “2.5D” approach to give the video more depth and interest.

A particular issue we had was that the client's branding and font changed after production. While this obviously required re-working, creating all the assets within After Effects made them a lot quicker to change. As opposed to creating designs within Illustrator and then importing those into After Effects.


Typography animations such as this can be a powerful method of visual communication. However to build energy the scripts and voice-overs need to be tight and punchy, with short sentences. This style can be quicker to produce than other techniques, asset creation can be less time consuming than other methods - however it can be troublesome if language localisation is required. They’re quite fun to make too! 

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